Tigris Construction Update 1-11-2019

Work continues at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay on their latest addition, Tigris. The Premier Rides Sky Rocket II model roller coaster is being built on the former Tanganyika Tidal Wave site in the Stanleyville section of the park, and is scheduled to open this Spring.

The pathway that stretches along the side of Stanleyville Theater leading to Zambia Smokehouse is now closed, as work extends out from the Tigris construction site. A structure for lockers will be added across the path from the new roller coaster, up against Stanleyville Theater.

The park recently shared a few pictures from the construction site as of late December:

Since those images were taken, a lot more progress has been made. Guests are bound to notice the large crane, which can be seen towering over the construction site. It was idle when we visited the park Friday afternoon, but it’s obvious it has been put to good use in the last week or so.

Since our last update focusing on the construction site in December, a large number of supports and a couple of new track segments have been installed.

Several of the linear synchronous motor (LSM) fins can be seen installed on the track heading out of the station and up the tower, though they aren’t yet hooked up.

The box shaped front tower is now about three-fifths complete, with two more sections to go above what is already erected. The track currently only goes up about two-fifths of the total height.

You can start to see just how tall Tigris will be, as seen in its current state from several vantage points around the park.

More progress has also been made on the station itself, as seen over the construction walls.

After visiting the park, we also stopped to see the track storage lot. Since our recent update where we watched several sections of Tigris track being delivered, five more sections have arrived.

We also spotted another support section loaded on a flatbed truck, ready to be delivered to the construction site for installation.

Stay tuned to the site and our social media feeds (linked below) for the latest on Tigris’ construction at Busch Gardens Tampa.

As always, images taken for our updates inside the park are from guest areas only, and images taken outside the park are from public or non-park property.

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