Busch Gardens Tampa Crowd Calendar

Welcome to our Busch Gardens Tampa Crowd Calendar page, with a monthly look at estimated crowd levels, park hours, and general tips on crowds throughout the year.

Our crowd calendar for Busch Gardens Tampa is meant as a guide and is only an estimate of anticipated crowd levels. The calendar does not take into account weather, which can have an impact on attendance since most of the attractions at Busch Gardens Tampa are outdoors. Please verify operating hours directly with the park before you visit, as they can change without notice.

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General Crowd Info

In general, Saturdays are the busiest day of the week at Busch Gardens Tampa. Sundays, holiday weeks, and event days also tend to draw in larger crowds than weekdays through the rest of the year. On those days, avoid arriving at the park between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. Instead, arrive earlier (lots open about 30 minutes prior to park opening) or come in the early afternoon and you won’t spend as much time waiting in line to enter.

Mid-week visits, regardless of the season, typically will have the lowest crowds compared to the surrounding weekends. The summer season along with spring break and the weeks around Christmas are generally the busiest times of the year. Weekdays in winter, late spring, and fall typically have the lowest crowds.

Because most of the attractions at Busch Gardens Tampa are outdoors, a day with extended inclement weather will often reduce crowd levels. It’s worth keeping an eye on the weather in the days leading up to your visit – a few rainy days in a row will often mean the following day (especially if it’s a Saturday) could end up being busier than normal as guests who put off their visit all come on the same fair weather day.

January 2022 Crowd Calendar

The New Year kicks off with the end of Christmas Town, and heavy crowds as locals are off from school and work and tourists are visiting the area. Most local school districts are still of on January 3, but afterward, most weekdays during the month should be low to moderate in terms of crow levels. Saturdays and weekends, in general, will continue to be busy throughout the month as Mardi Gras kicks off on January 8. Expected heavier crowds in the middle of the month for MLK Jr. weekend.

Real Music Series returns on Tuesdays – Sundays, and while this will increase crowds some, it typically does not raise wait times for attractions by much.

As of January 17, 2022, here are the attractions listed as temporarily closed or with upcoming refurbishments on the park’s website:

  • Montu (January 4 – February 18)
  • Skyride (scheduled to reopen Summer 2022)
  • Slimey’s Sahara Sand
  • Treetop Trails & Jungala Play Areas
  • SheiKra (January 31 – March 4)
  • Stanley Falls Flume (February 7 – March 18)
  • The Count’s Cars (February 14 – 18)
  • Desert Runners (February 21 – March 4)

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