Benefit Upgrades for SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Pass Members

On Monday, SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Annual Pass Members began receiving emails about upgraded benefits, rewards, and special events to come once the parks reopen after being closed due to COVID-19. Along with the email (a copy is available at the bottom of this post), we also reached out to park leadership to get additional details to help answer some of the questions pass members might have about the upgraded benefits being offered.

The biggest part of the announcement was the temporary membership tier upgrade for current annual pass members. In addition to that, the email also mentions additional rewards and perks will be rolled out once the parks reopen. No reopening date has been announced for any of the company’s parks as of yet.

All active annual pass members at SeaWorld & Busch Gardens parks (including their related water parks) who are current with their payments will receive the upgrade automatically. Bronze level passes will get Silver benefits, Silver will get Gold, Gold will get Platinum, and current Platinum level members will get several exclusive new benefits.

This temporary benefits upgrade is in addition to the previously announced pass extension (equal to the number of days the park is closed) along with some other pass member rewards & events that will be announced at a later date. Find more information on that and about the closure in our recent article.

We reached out to the company to get some more details on what exactly the temporary membership tier upgrade means for annual pass members. Below are the answers to a number of questions regarding the program:

Who gets the upgraded benefits?

All active passes (Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum) including paid-in-full and EZ Pay accounts. Fun Cards, Preschool Cards, Friends & Family Pass, canceled annual passes, or EZ Pay accounts that are on hold or past due are NOT eligible for the upgrade.

Are older EZ Pay accounts included?

Yes, EZ Pay accounts that were “grandfathered” into the Silver level of benefits in October 2018 will be upgraded to Gold level benefits, so long as the pass is active as described above.

Pass Members who are currently on a payment deferral plan and elect to reinstate their monthly payments by May 17, 2020, will be eligible to receive these pass rewards.

How long is the upgrade good for?

The upgraded benefits will last through December 31, 2020. After that time, your pass will revert to the benefits associated with the original level.

Do I have to do anything to receive the upgrade?

No. If you are eligible, the upgrade should be automatically applied and the benefits should be valid for use from the time the park reopens (date to be determined) through December 31, 2020.

What if my pass expires before December 31?

If your pass expires before December 31, 2020, and you renew, you should continue to receive the upgraded level of benefits through the end of the year.

What benefits do I get at the upgraded level?

You can see the basic structure of annual pass level benefits for each level on the park’s websites:

To see a full list of Orlando benefits, click here.
To see a full list of Tampa benefits, click here.
To see a full list of Williamsburg benefits, click here.
To see a full list of San Antonio benefits, click here.
To see a full list of San Diego benefits, click here.

I have a Bronze pass, will there still be block-out dates?

Eligible Bronze Passes will be upgraded to the Silver level, which means there will be no block-out dates on admission through December 31, 2020.

I have a Gold pass, will I get access to all 11 parks?

Yes. For those members with a Gold level pass eligible for the upgrade to Platinum, you will receive admission during regular park hours at all company parks. (Excludes Discovery Cove and separately ticketed special events; confirm hours & exclusions with the park before visiting.)

I already have a Platinum pass, how does the upgrade affect me?

Eligible Platinum level passes will receive new extra benefits through December 31, 2020. They include a 30% discount on dining & merchandise, a $50 credit to spend in-park, two specialty drinks, and an additional free guest ticket. These benefits are per pass, and may only be available in your home state.

Below is the email being sent to annual pass members. Your actual email may vary based on what parks and pass level you currently have:

Dear [GUEST]

During this uncertain time, we want to extend our deep gratitude for your continued loyalty and support. As a thank you for being a valued Pass Member, we have introduced new and exciting benefits to allow you and your family and friends to enjoy more fun and thrills.

While our parks remain temporarily closed, we are automatically extending all active Annual Passes and Membership products for a period of at least as long as the temporary closure. Additionally, we will be offering all active Pass Members complimentary rewards and special benefits as a token of our appreciation.

Pass Members will receive additional bring a friend days so that your friends and family can join in on the fun and spend an unforgettable day with you exploring the parks and your favorite attractions. Additionally, as a sign of our appreciation for you, our loyal Pass Member, we will be granting complimentary membership tier upgrades for all active Annual Passes for the remainder of 2020 as well as additional Pass Member events.

Active Pass Members will receive their additional perks automatically prior to the parks reopening. Please know that you are a valued member of the [Pass Member] family and we thank you for remaining with us during these uncertain times.

If you are experiencing financial hardship, we continue to offer a process to defer monthly payments. Pass Members who are deferring payments or are not up to date with their payments are not eligible for these rewards or the extension of time.

We look forward to welcoming you back to our parks as safely and as soon as possible!

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16 thoughts on “Benefit Upgrades for SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Pass Members”

  1. I haven’t been able to find any information on whether or not Fun Cards will be extended beyond December 31, 2020.

  2. The communication states “active pass holders” but I bought 3 passes (paid in full) right before the shut down but never had a chance to go to a park so the passes have never been activated. Customer Service is horrible (I understand COVID -19 but other theme parks are able to answer their phones and answer emails) but finally today talked to a rude person that just repeated “no refunds”

    1. Passes are active the moment they are purchased, so they would be active in your case. You should qualify for the extension and upgrade.

  3. It’s now June 12th and I still haven’t seen the upgrades and I’m unable to get a response through email…
    How else do I receive the upgrade?

    1. From what I’ve heard, you probably won’t see the upgrade reflected on your online account, but the offers will be available at the park. I received my upgraded discount on a purchase at Busch Gardens yesterday with no issue.

    2. I purchased on 12/19. A silver Anuual pass and a 3 fun cards. Are these redeemable thru 2021??

      1. Annual passes are active from the date purchased, and Fun Cards are specific to the year they are purchased for. If you purchased in December 2019, they should have received the approximately 3-month extension to make up for the closure, though would have expired by this point. If you purchased this past December (2020), then they are currently active. You’ll want to reach out to the park’s customer service team for specifics related to your account/passes.

  4. I went today. My Silver pass was checked at a gift shop and I still only got a 10% discount. I never received that email.

    1. If you had your pass throughout the closure and were either paid in full or continued payments on EZ Pay, you should have received the upgrade automatically. If you think you qualify for it, reach out to the park for help.

      1. I renewed my pass on March 18, 2020 by phone during the pandemic. I paid $166 plus tax. The customer service rep, Isabel, told me it would be activated on my first visit. I will talk to guest relations at the park especially since the silver passes are on sale for $132. Thank you for your time.

  5. I am a Platinum pass member and I inquired about the new benefits when I spoke with a phone agent and she told me that Platinum members do not get an additional free guest ticket, only Gold members get that benefit. It is interesting because no where on any communication that the park has put out regarding the new benefits does it say only Gold members get an additional free ticket. I find this very deceptive on the parks part and was wondering if anyone else has had a problem.

  6. We have had platimum passes since 2017. We were told tonight there is not an upgrade for us and we have paid every single month…always in good standing. My husband got so angry at the fact we paid over $700.00 and getting nothing but loss of $$$ that he canceled our passes.

    1. What state did you purchase your passes in? These upgrades would only apply to passes purchased in Florida – passes purchased in other states may have different terms and benefits that what’s listed here.

  7. I get that they are a business trying to stay a float, but when you have two medically involved kids in your family, any “extras” they offer aren’t worth the risk of exposing them. So, it’s just one more monetary expense we must absorb.

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