Permit Filed for Attraction Demolition at Busch Gardens Tampa

Today, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay filed a permit with the City of Tampa to demolish the former Tanganyika Tidal Wave attraction, which closed permanently just over two years ago on April 10, 2016. Since then, most of the ride has remained standing with the exception of the exit bridge and a small portion of the trough below it.

The permit notes only the attraction itself will be demolished, and that no other structures or trees will be removed as part of the work. Exactly when the work will begin is not detailed in the permit.

There has been a lot of speculation on what the next attraction at Busch Gardens Tampa will be. Three new names were recently trademarked, and rumors have been swirling about a possible new roller coaster. See the details in our recent article.

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11 thoughts on “Permit Filed for Attraction Demolition at Busch Gardens Tampa”

  1. I remember how everyone always stood in the bridge and would get soaked and it felt so good in those hot summer days..

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  3. I can only hope this means a new water ride is coming to take its place. Busch Gardens desperately needs more rides, shows, and other attractions with all of the SBNO attractions lying around (Gwazi, Tidal Wave, Rhino Rally, Akbar’s Adventure Tours, the Marrakesh Theater most of the time, Jambo Junction, Curiosity Caverns, and probably some others) and other attractions that are just gone (Tut’s Tomb, Critter Castaways, probably some others I’m forgetting). The quality on Cobra’s Curse was great; they need to bring that level of theming and creativity on all their future attractions, but also start adding things that aren’t roller coasters. A well-themed water ride would be perfect, and depending on how much is being demolished the framework for one might already exist to some extent.

    1. Yes, a new, nicely-themed water ride would be perfect. BGT has enough coasters (9 currently, including the SBNO Gwazi), and only 2 water rides. A 10th coaster may make the park look too much like Six Flags or Cedar Point. 9 coasters is enough for now.
      And I agree, the level of theming on Cobra’s Curse should continue, so the park can round out its collection of family rides. Not everyone who goes to BGT wants to go on super-intense thrill rides like Sheikra, Kumba, and Montu. Giving them a water ride with the detailed storytelling that CC had would give them another great option to choose.

  4. I wasn’t able to get any decent pictures, however demolition on Tidal Wave seems to be in full swing. They’ve moved the wall previously blocking it out much farther, blocking the nearby gazebo shaped building now too, and were smashing & removing parts of it along the final splash from the hill today

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