New Signage Coming to Busch Gardens Tampa

An application recently filed with the City of Tampa shows new signage is in the works for Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. The documents show the current signs on the corners around the park’s property will be replaced with a completely new design.

In recent months, the park has been making updates outside of the park with a completely new paint scheme on the exterior walls.

Now it looks like the signs that welcome guests on the corners of park property along Busch Boulevard and McKinley Drive (also known as 40th Street) will be replaced. The current signs feature an African theme and use the old Busch Gardens script. The new design is much cleaner, featuring the updated Busch Gardens script and “coaster tree” logo.

According to the plans, the new signs will measure 17 feet wide by 18 feet tall, and will use the existing foundations at each site.

The lettering will also be raised away from the sign surface.

The base of the sign will have simulated wood and stone accents, and the massive coaster tree will have additional steel supports on the back side of the sign. It appears the signs will be illuminated using a bar set on the ground in front of the sign with uplighting.

At this point there is no timeline announced for the project. A request for comment from the park has not been answered as of the time this article was published.

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