Falcon’s Creative & PBS to Create Location-Based Experiences

Falcon’s Creative Group, the Orlando-based creative services firm specializing in the design and production of themed experiences, is honored and excited to announce a major cooperative agreement with PBS.

Falcon’s will design PBS location-based entertainment (LBE) experiences. PBS’ first foray in the realm of immersive experiences, these LBE venues will offer fun and learning for the whole family, themed around topics that PBS and PBS KIDS are known for, including science, the arts, technology and nature. One hundred percent of the net proceeds PBS receives from this initiative will support PBS’ mission.

America’s most trusted institution, PBS is dedicated to sparking curiosity and a lifelong love of learning among children and adults alike. Whether playful, imaginative, or inspiring, PBS offers experiences ideally suited for the creation of family-oriented interactive, educational venues around the globe. An innovative blend of themed architectural environments and seamlessly integrated media content will create an active atmosphere of hands-on exploration that appeals to multiple demographics. These LBE venues will include PBS KIDS activities that families with young children can enjoy, along with experiences in which older kids and adults can participate.

“We are thrilled to work with Falcon’s Creative Group to create new ways for families to interact with the PBS brand while supporting our mission,” said Dawn Ciccone, Vice President, Brand Licensing, PBS. “We are excited to explore the possibilities with Falcon’s, and to invent new paradigms of engagement with PBS.”

Cecil D. Magpuri, President and Chief Creative Officer at Falcon’s Creative Group, said, “This incredible collaboration opens the door to virtually limitless educational prospects, each more exciting and meaningful than the last. We are honored to work alongside PBS towards the future of educational destinations.” He added, “The timing couldn’t be more perfect. As the global demand for new location-based experiences increases, we see a rare opportunity to develop unique, enriching entertainment. These PBS experiences will be local creative hubs for new generations to grow and explore the curiosities of the world.”

This agreement represents the first stage in the development process. PBS and Falcon’s Creative Group are in the process of determining specific details for these destinations, such as location, design and timeframe for launch. Be on the lookout for more information from Falcon’s Creative Group regarding these exciting new PBS experiences.

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