Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a number of frequently asked questions about our Guided Tour Service. If you don’t find the information you are looking for, please feel free to Contact Us directly, as we are happy to answer any additional questions you may have.

Do we get front of the line privileges on the tour?

No, but you might feel like it since we work to minimize your wait times since we know how the crowds flow and how to keep you ahead of them. We also know how to maximize Disney’s free “virtual queue” system known as FASTPASS+, and you have the option of using the paid Quick Queue option at Busch Gardens if you choose. No private tour service is able to offer full front of the line access, and in fact, even the park’s tour services really only provide full front of the line access for celebrities and similarly famous guests for their safety.

Do we have to be there for park opening?

The fact is, the first hour or two in the morning when a park opens will be the least busy for the day, and it is certainly beneficial to be at the gates for park opening. However, you determine when your tour starts, and your tour guide will work to minimize your time in lines whatever time of day it is.

What happens during inclement weather?

Your tour will continue rain or shine, and refunds will only be given in the event that the park is forced to completely close due to a weather event.

A passing shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon is common in Central Florida, and your tour guide will adjust your itinerary to keep you out of the rain as much as possible for that short time. While all-day rain events sometimes happen, they aren’t common occurrences, and are actually a great time to be in the parks, as crowds will be lower in general. Your guide will work with you as much as possible in the event of inclement weather, even changing parks at Walt Disney World if necessary in order to keep your vacation as magical as possible when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Do you have a mandatory gratuity charge/tipping policy like other tour services?

We do not add a mandatory gratuity to your tour. However, tipping is completely appropriate and appreciated for a job well done.

Where do we meet with our tour guide?

That’s entirely up to you! Your tour guide can meet you at your Walt Disney World Resort and travel to the park you’re visiting via Disney transportation, or you can meet your tour guide at a pre-determined spot in the park (or anywhere else within Walt Disney World). At Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, your tour guide can meet you near the entrance or anywhere inside the park that you choose. Your time with your tour guide begins when you meet, so please plan accordingly.

What happens if we want extra hours with our tour guide?

It happens, you’ve booked your guide for only a few hours, and once you’re there, you realize how great it is to have your own personal tour guide with you! Based on availability, you can add additional time with your tour guide at the standard hourly rate. Your tour guide will take payment at that time (credit card or cash is accepted). There are no additional or hidden charges above the standard hourly rate (holiday hourly rates apply on those dates).

Help, we’re at the parks now and realize we need a tour guide! Do you take last minute reservations?

If available, we would be happy to have a tour guide meet you on your current vacation. It might even be possible for your tour guide to start the same day. Standard hourly rates and the minimum number of hours still apply, and payment is due in full at the time of your reservation. There are no additional or hidden charges above the standard hourly rate (holiday hourly rates apply on those dates).

You will receive the same great service, although there likely won’t be time to create a detailed personalized itinerary. That’s ok, though, as your tour guide knows how to work on the fly and will work with you to create a memorable vacation experience while with you at the parks.

Will our tour guide take our kids to the parks? Will our tour guide serve as our babysitter?

Touring Central Florida requires at least one responsible person over the age of 13 with your group while touring the parks with your guide. Your tour guide will gladly stay with well-behaved children for short periods of time while in the parks (while adults/older children visit an attraction, use the restroom, etc.). However, your tour guide is not a babysitter. Walt Disney World offers kid’s clubs at select resorts at certain times, and Touring Central Florida will gladly provide information for available babysitting services and/or make a reservation for you with one of those services.

Will our tour guide ride with us?

Whether you experience an attraction with your tour guide or not is up to you. Your tour guide is happy to wait for you near the exit of attractions with your belongings. At Walt Disney World, your tour guide will be willing to experience most attractions with you if you would like. At Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, your tour guide will be willing to experience select attractions with you if you would like.

Will our tour guide be with us the entire time? What if we want to take a break in the middle of the day, returning to our resort/pool/etc?

Your tour guide will be with you for as much of the day as you would like. We are happy to accommodate breaks for dining, a mid-day swim or nap, etc. During those periods, you will not be charged anything.

How do meals work? Does our tour guide eat with us?

Whether or not your tour guide dines with you is your choice. If you decide to have your tour guide dine with you, you will be responsible for the cost associated with your guide’s meal. However, the time you are seated and dining does NOT count against your tour time.

To receive the discount that is available at select table service restaurants, your tour guide would have to dine with you. Your tour guide does not have to dine with you to receive the discount available at select quick service restaurants.

Can we have our tour guide with us for our entire vacation?

Yes! If you are interested in having a tour guide from the moment you arrive until the moment you leave, that can be arranged. You will be responsible for all meals and accommodations for your tour guide. Please Contact Us directly for more details and to discuss pricing if you are interested in this option.

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