Benefits of a Private VIP Tour

“Bill helped provide me and my family a first class visit to Epcot”

– Evan D. from Virginia

Below are just a few of the benefits of having an experienced tour guide while visiting the Walt Disney World theme parks or Busch Gardens Tampa Bay:

  • Spending less time in line, and more time enjoying the parks!
    One of the biggest benefits of having a tour guide with you is spending less time in line. Your tour guide will have a personalized itinerary for your party, designed to maximize the fun and minimize the waiting.
  • Having your very own theme park expert!
    You’ll never have to take out your map or ask for directions with your tour guide, and you’ll get to see and hear details that most people will never notice or have a chance to learn about. The parks hold many wonderful stories, and your tour guide will share them with you.
  • Having your very own personal assistant!
    Your tour guide is there to assist you with everything you’ll need while touring the parks. Whether it’s standing in line to grab your snacks or drinks, or holding on to your belongings while you are enjoying an attraction, it’s all part of the incredible service you’ll receive.
  • Enjoying your personalized itinerary without the work!
    There are dozens of attractions, shows, experiences, and dining options at each park. You could spend hours researching and putting together your own plan, but with Touring Central Florida, your tour guide will have it all mapped out for you. Before you even get to Central Florida, you’ll have the chance to work with your tour guide to make sure your personalized itinerary is perfect for your family or travel party. And don’t worry, your tour guide can adapt the plan on the fly when weather threatens or your mood changes.
  • Getting discounts on select dining and merchandise purchases!
    At both Walt Disney World and Busch Garden Tampa Bay, you can enjoy discounts of 10 to 20% for most souvenir purchases made at shops throughout the parks. For dining, at Walt Disney World you can save up to 20% at select Table Service restaurants when dining with your tour guide. At Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, you can save 10% on most food & beverage purchases across the park. Your tour guide may also be able to extend discounts on tickets to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay. (Restrictions on discounts may apply.)
  • Being able to fully enjoy your vacation!
    All of the above benefits lead to this last one, the most important – remembering that you are on vacation. Having a personal tour guide means you can fully relax and just enjoy all that the central Florida theme parks have to offer.

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